Bogart Labs

Bogart Labs is an innovative division that focuses on building solutions that derive real value from data, securing solutions and scaling them to handle our customers’ overwhelming data landscape. Our lab is the innovation engine that provides an infrastructure for employees to experiment and develop unique, mission-oriented solutions that offer our customers state-of-the-art approaches to highly complex challenges.

Our Innovative Products and Patents

Bogart Labs developed Aegis and Routerhawk, and both products are patented. Aegis keeps your company’s most valuable and sensitive information secure through a unique encryption approach. Routerhawk is next generation product to change the way we think about router security.

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United States Patent No: US9930064B1.
A Network Management Security and Protection System.

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United States Patent No: 9432340.
A System and Method for a Secure End-to-End Chat System.

Bogart Labs Innovation Council

The Bogart Labs Innovation Council consists of multi-disciplinary experts dedicated to creating solutions for our mission and industry partners. Their work includes whitepapers, commercial cyber training, and public speaking engagements. Leveraging their expertise, they transform complex ideas into reality, resulting in sole-sourced prime contracts, product suites, and other internally developed intellectual property.

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