About Us

Since 2003, we’ve specialized in state-of-the-art Data Analytic Solutions to extract valuable insights, addressing complex challenges for our partners in the Intelligence Community. Our dedicated team of innovative technologists and mission domain experts build best-of-breed solutions to enable mission-critical capabilities.

Pioneers in Data Analytic Solutions

We’ve been designing and constructing large-scale data analytics systems for over a decade to extract meaningful intelligence from diverse sources. Our experience encompasses systems architecture and engineering in a wide variety of operational and partner-specific environments.

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Delivering Mission Value

We are a trusted, long-standing Intelligence Community partner committed to delivering mission value by leveraging domain expertise, innovation, and industry best practices. Our technologists excel in analytics, DevOps, agile development, and cloud engineering, ensuring our clients receive solutions that balance performance and cost, while minimizing technical debt.

Trusted Domain Expertise

Trusted domain expertise that provides operational capabilities such as tradecraft analysis and training, all-source intelligence and OSINT exploitation. Our tradecraft domain knowledge fuels the innovation that advances our technology solutions.

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Our Commitments


Explore exciting career opportunities and join our culture of innovation and collaboration.

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