Mission Operations

At the intersection of data collection, discovery, and protection, Mission Operations provides time-critical support, often under pressure, where


We provide extensive support for the intelligence mission. Our services encompass everything from targeting and operations support and FININT targeting and analysis, to specialized technical and operational training, and program management.

Mission Operations Capabilities

Specialized Targeting and Operations Support

Gain insight into current and emerging high-priority threats to inform real-time intelligence decision making in operational settings.

Specialized Technical and Operational Training

Build a multi-INT operational, cyber, open source, and digital workforce to support complex mission operations with measurable results.

Financial Intelligence (FININT) Targeting and Analysis

Uncover the players and paths used by adversaries and follow the money.

Program Management and Support

Leverage the experience of our cleared PMP-certified program managers and multidisciplinary support staff to optimize program performance.

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